OUR WEEKLY MENU  12.8.2020


Baked falafel crust

With cauliflower, tomatoes, tahini, pine nuts and spices

Black rice stew  

With leeks, peas, scallions, kale, celery and almond chips

Tofu and lentils balls

      In a coconut sauce with lemongrass, ginger and kfir lime leaves

 Personal vegetable quinoa quiches

Mades with Colored quinoa, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, chard, green onions and spices

Persian-style green stew

  With red beans and dried prunes


Green buckwheat stew

With diced butternut squash and beets, parsley, fresh mint and hazelnuts

**The entire menu is sugar and gluten free**

Deliveries will take place on Wednesday 12.8.2020, in the afternoon-evening hours.

Orders are welcome by 8:00 am on Tuesday




Please choose between:

The complete package  About 12 servings

5 dishes of your choice from the menu- in 1 liter boxes *

(Usually enough for 3-4 days and usually can be frozen)

450 NIS, including delivery

The couple / personal package -  about 6 servings

 5 dishes in 1/2 liter boxes of your choice from the menu

* (Enough for about 3 days and usually can be frozen)


 250 NIS + plus shipping cost (35 NIS)

Large patties are sent 12 units in a box.

Quiches are sent 10 units in a box, or in one English cake pan

call to roder:




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